1960 Tasmania v Victoria – 13th June at York Park – Memorable Game

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Memorable Game
13th JUNE 1960 at YORK PARK
Crowd: 15,600


Footage from the 1960 Tasmania v Victoria game featuring:

Colin Moore (19), Burnie Payne (17), Stuart Spencer (12), Athol Webb (2), C Lawrence (7),

Don Gale (18), Rex Geard (6), John Fitzallen (11), Garth Smith (22), Jack Hawksley (3), Terry Shadbolt (9), Bob Withers (5), Max Kelleher (1)


2005 AFL TASMANIA HALL of FAME Memorable Game – Tasmania vs. Victoria, 1960

This game is famous as being the first victory by a Tasmanian team against the might of Victoria in interstate football and was watched by a then-record Tasmanian football crowd of 15,600 at York Park in Launceston on 13 June 1960.

The game also featured many champions of Tasmanian and Victorian football, including Don Gale, Barry Strange, Bob Withers, Stuart Spencer and Frank Johnson (All Australians); and Hugh Mitchell, John Birt, Ken Fraser, John Winneke, Murray Weideman, Athol Webb, Verdun Howell, Billy Goggin, John Peck and Geoff Case (VFL premiership players).

The captain of the Tasmanian team, Stuart Spencer, a member of the AFL Hall of Fame, spoke about the victory against Victoria as one of the greatest moments of his career. Mr Spencer said: “The Tasmania versus Victoria game in 1960 was one of the greatest highlights if not the greatest of my career. It was a special moment to lead my adopted state of Tasmania to such an important victory and the memory lives with me.”

Interstate Game Date: 13th June 1960
Tasmania: 4.5 7.6 10.8 13.13 (91)
Victoria: 1.6 5.10 8.11 12.12 (84)
Venue: York Park
Umpire: Frank Schwab (VFL)
Attendance: 15,600
Gate: £ 3,822


Tasmania: S. Spencer, D. Gale, B. Loring, R. Geard, C. Moore, J. Fitzallen, N. Conlan, D. Lester, B Payne, G. Smith,
Victoria: K. Fraser, F. Johnson, V. Howell, H. Mitchell, B. Comben, R. Grimmond, K. Jones, P. Guinnane.
Tasmania: C. Moore (4), R. Withers (2), B. Payne (2), A. Webb, T. Shadbolt, J. Hawksley, N. Conlan, G. Smith.
Victoria: H. Mitchell (2), M. Weideman (2), W. Goggin (2), K. Fraser (2), J. Peck, B. Comben, M. Oaten, F. Johnson.

Team Lists:

B: Casey Lawrence, Brian Loring, Don Gale
HB: Max Kelleher, Barry Strange, Murray Steele
C: John Fitzallen, Ken Sheehan, Dicky Lester
HF: Neil Conlan, John Hawksley, Colin Moore
F: Burnie Payne, Athol Webb, Garth Smith
Ruck: Rex Geard, Terry Shadbolt, Stuart Spencer
Res. George Mason, Bob Withers
Coach: Jack Metherall

B: Bruce Comben, Verdun Howell, John Winneke
HB: Geoff Case, Paddy Guinnane, Ken Jones
C: Dick Grimmond, Lance Oswald, Laurie Dwyer
HF: Ken Fraser, Max Oaten, Graham Campbell
F: John Peck, Murray Weideman, John Birt
Ruck: Frank Johnson, Hugh Mitchell, Billy Goggin
Res. John O’Connell, Ray Walker
Coach: Bruce Comben


Articles Prior to the match & Post Match:
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Tasmanian Players Denis Lester (L) and Colin Moore (R)

Brian Loring (Tas), Murray Weideman (Vic) and Don Gale (Tas)







2020 Reunion – 60 YEARS AGO on the 13th June 1960

1960 Tasmanian Players – (L-R) Colin Moore, Burnie Payne, Denis Lester

Being interviewed for WIN NEWS which will air on the 15th & 16th June 2020



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