1949 Brodericks Barons

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1949 Brodericks Barons :

Charity Match for the Alfred Hospital 1949



Pat is the last player on the right in the back row and Pat’s son is on the far right

Tom Broderick  who the above team is named after (far left) and Tom’s son Brian Broderick standing in front of him with the Alfred Hospital Collection Tin
The kid kneeling in the front of the photo is Tom’s othes son Brendon Broderick.


The below information is from Brian Broderick who emailed us to provide some more information about the above photo:

The Brodericks Barons were named after my father, Tom Broderick who owned the Morrisons Family Hotel 1940s to early 50s.  The hotel, located in Powell St South Yarra, had Morrisons Family Hotel (and still does) signage on front but was called the Brodericks Family Hotel during the time owned by my father.


Tom Broderick is the gentlemen standing on the far left of the photo, I am his son standing in front of him with the Alfred collection tin in my hand.  My elder brother, Brendan is the kid kneeling in the front.  The photo was probably taken 1949, I was 7 and Brendan was 10.


The game was played in the far corner of Fawkner Park from the pub, so opposite the front entrance to the Alfred.  My brother’s memory was that it was played on a Sunday afternoon.  It was a one off between the two pubs.  That Sunday morning league had nothing to do with it.  The opposition was called Shepherds Snipes.


Don’t know any of the names, but recognise the chap in the hat at the right end.  He was a stalwart at the pub.  The chap fourth from left in the front five may be Keith Hartley.  If so, and I’m by no means sure it’s him, he opened a barber shop about that time in Toorak Rd near Punt Rd, a door or two from the pub on the corner.

Article that appeared in the Herald Sun searching for Brodericks Barons

BB Herals SUn article

BB Morrisons Family Hotel

Organisers including Brodericks Barons, Morrison family hotel in South Yarra and the Argo hotel.

Emails received:

Received: 27th April 2016
Hi Dale,
            I was surprised to see your “Desperately Seeking” request, as I have an identical photo
which belonged to my late Husband, Leonard Lucas (1914 – 2009)
Len was born in Camperdown  and came  ..to Melbourne at the age of 14, living in Chambers St.
Sth Yarra.   He is in the centre of the five crouching players.
His half brother Bernie  is standing back left next to  man with hat.
Their friend Paul Buckley is the 5th player from right
. at back (dark top and shorts)
As they were . “good . Catholic lads” I guess if they played
  on Sunday mornings they would have gone to early mass first!   Hope
  this .helps towards putting names to faces.
Good luck with your search, and I would be interested in hearing how you get on.
Best wishes,  Anita
Received: 10th May 2016
Subject: Brodericks Barons
Hi Dale,
My father-in-law  George Beynon showed me the article in the Sunday Herald Sun
George is still alive and kicking and lives in Bentleigh – he is 89.
He tells me that the article is incorrect as they did not play Sunday mornings but rather in the afternoon.
He says he remembers Pat Hartnett.
George is the guy in the front row – first left
Received: 16th May 2016

Subject: RE: Brodericks Barons

Ms Elizabeth Muling

Alfred Health

Dear Elizabeth

Thanks for your emails of 13 May 2016 concerning a football match organized to raise funds for The Alfred.  The match was apparently played in the later 1940’s with organisers including Brodericks Barons, Morrison family hotel in South Yarra and the Argo hotel.

The material you supplied including the football team photograph provide faces to some of The Alfred’s many benefactors overs its lifetime.  Donors came from all walks of life, the SP’s often were good contributors to worthy causes . These funds often supplied [or contributed to] important medical equipment which helped make The Alfred the world class treating, teaching and research hospital it is today.

While not necessarily related to these papers and the football match mentioned, I note that in the Alfred Hospital Eightieth Annual Report for year ended 30th March 1950 under Collection Boxes [page 56] that a donation of  £14/4/7 was made by Broderick’s & Shepherds Hotels.  A donation of this size was very significant in 1950 [Average yearly wage for managers and clerks was £433 1s 4d for males and £162 10s 6d for females, source http://guides.slv.vic.gov.au/c.php?g=245232&p=1633038].

Thanks again for this information.


Peter Frawley


The Alfred & Caulfield Hospital