NWFU, NTFA, TFL Medals, Trophies & Honour Boards

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The below Honour Boards lists the TANFL Best & Fairest Players from 1927 – 1980

& the TFL Players who have served their country in World War I.  These Honour boards have been moved from North Hobart Oval and are MIA (Missing In Action).

If you have seen this Honour Boards please let us know as we are trying to locate their where-abouts.




Eric “Leisha” Smith receiving the W H Gill Trophy from William D Leitch for the Best & Fairest player in the 1925 TANFL Season. Smith also tied with Horrie Gorringe and Athol Paul for the award but Smith was awarded the trophy on a countback.


1926 (TGIO) Tasmanian Government Insurance Office Medal awarded to players who won the Triangular series between the South, North & North West

Original TANFL meeting minutes and Alan Leitch’s medal from 1926 and the minutes stating which players were to receive a medal as part of the North, South & North West Triangular series.

Notable Players including:  Horrie Gorringe, Jack Charlesworth, Keith Roberts, Eric Huxtable,
Snowy Atkinson, George Hislop, Hector Brooks

hoto above showing the back of Alan Leitch’s medal.


1929 Wilson J Bailey Medal – Winner Alan Leitch (New Town FC)

1933 – 1934

1933 & 1934 William Leitch Medals won by Eric Hanlon (New Town FC)
The 1934 medal was presented retrospectively in 1996 as Hanlon tied with Stan Sproule but lost on a countback. This was 17 years after Hanlon had passed away.




1935 J McKean Shield won by New Town FC – Premiers

hoto above shows the great Roy Cazaly holding the J McKean trophy


1940 – Macalburn Under 19 Best & Fairest Trophy won by L Matheson

1951, 1955 & 1958

Rex Garwood 

1951, 1955 & 1958 William Leitch Medals won by Rex Garwood
(New Town & New Norfolk)


Mal Pascoe & Murray Steele



1959 William Leitch & Weller Arnold Medals won by Mal Pascoe (Hobart)
1959 William Leitch Medal won by Murray Steele

1961 & 1962

Roger Browning


1961 & 1962 William Leitch Medals won by Roger Browning (New Norfolk)


Lefroy Medal won by Bob Withers (Tasmania games v SA & WA)


David Sullivan


1964 William Leitch Medal won by David Sullivan (Hobart)

1965 & 1966

Burnie Payne

1965 & 1966 William Leitch Medals won by Burnie Payne (Hobart)


Michael Seddon


1975 V A Geard Medal winner Michael Seddon (Sandy Bay)


1977 William Leitch Medal Winner – Michael Hawkins


Weller Arnold Medal Winners 1953 – 







TANFL Winfield League Premiership Medal


Michael Seddon & Adrian Fletcher


1988 William Leitch Medal Winners
Michael Seddon (Sandy Bay) & Adrian Fletcher (Glenorchy)